About Us

“Divya Rishi Pharmacy” is founded by admired Gurudev Swami Kamleshwaranand Ji. with the sole aim of preparing Ayurvedic medicines as per the instructions of the great sages of the bygone era. Ayurveda does not cure superficially; it goes to the roots of the disease and eradicates the disease completely. But with the passage of time its use has been dwindling. The reason for this is lack of awareness in people about the complet curing capacity of Ayurveda. This lack of awareness has prevented us from making full use of its effectiveness.

The meaning of Ayurveda is preparing products using, either in full or extracts, of plants, trees, shrubs and Vanaspathi – all culminating to form herbal medicine. Such natural products impart beautiful and healthy mind and body to the consumers. When you use Ayurvedic products, it will definitely benefit you in many ways and consumption of any Ayurvedic medicine will give you a feeling of holistic beauty and well being. Hence products of “Divya Rishi Pharmacy” are a must for you. Use these products and get their complete benefit. All our products are processed by our revered Gurudev.

Please make use of all our products once and get the benifit of their qualities in entirety.