Ratnam Jyoti

100% Natural & Ayurvedic Product

Free from any kind of preservatives and chemicals, Ratnam Jyoti not only improves eyesight but also assures restoring eye focus power without the lenses.

Making Eyes Lens Free Pack of 3 @just - ₹1899.Rs

Key Features

No restriction on age and gender

Ratnam Jyothi can be consumed irrespective of age and gender. Be it a child, students, working personnel, parents, or old age parents.

Detailed Diet Plan Included

Diet plays an important role in the betterment of vision. Get a simple yet guided diet plan which will help you in improving your eyesight even more.

Tutorial for eye Yoga Included

This yoga when performed alongside consuming Ratnam Jyothi, will help you in improving your peripheral vision and level of concentration Immensely.

GMP certified

Manufactured with best industry-standard cleanliness, hygiene by a GMP certified manufacturer.

Benefits of Ratnam Jyoti

Here’s a list of why you should use Ratnam Jyoti

First of all, we would like to clarify that Ratnam jyoti is not only for those who have specs/lenses but it must be used at least once in a year for maintaining your healthy eyes.

Ratnam Jyoti – is 100% Natural because we have only used Ayurvedic ingredients and no other base, chemicals, preservatives. Intention and serve you the medicinal value of nature and also the reintroduce value of Pure Ayurveda to people and cure their health related issues.

Students: Parents must introduce their child to using Ratnam Jyoti because first it is a natural health cure remedy and assure them to get rid of the trouble they get from lenses in school/college classrooms, playground.

Less time consuming: The course is a bit long as per number of days but just needs a minute of a day.

Gadget users: Mobile/Laptop/PC do have harmful radiation, constant usage will do affect today or tomorrow hence it is necessary to maintain the health level of eyes. Ratnam jyoti is the perfect solution for it.

Old Age Parents: As we get old our body organs show its effect depending on how we had looked after it our whole life. Having specs/lenses in old age has its own untold issues generally not shared to families. For most risks of breaking glasses, forgetting glasses and also the essential fact is specs are not a solution but an alternative for eye sight issues, it is better to improve eye sight and move beyond trouble of specs and also live with healthy eyes.

GMP Certified: Since it is not not just you consuming but also may be given to your loved child or parents, we assure that Ratnam Jyoti is manufactured with best industry standard cleanliness, hygiene by a GMP certified manufacturer.

About Ratnam Jyoti

Dear friends, Ratnam Jyoti eye care course is designed to assure that the Medicinal values of Ayurvedic ingredients in Ratnam Jyoti do work for you in its best exclusively for all those who wish not to wear any more lenses/specs to see clearly and live life with healthy eyes. This is a 3-month course taking just 1 min of your day.

Any Ayurveda treatment will yield its results when it is done in the proper way for a given particular time. Just 1 min for 3 months would assure you to play, ride, and use laptops/PC without hurdle wearing lenses all time.

Facts on vision

In a world built on the ability to see, vision is the most dominant of our senses. Yet, as WHO report shows, “eye condition and vision impairment are widespread, and far too often they still go untreated. Globally at least 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment, and of these, at least 1 billion people have a vision impairment that could have been prevented or is yet to be addressed.

Value of Ratnam Jyoti

Vision is bliss by nature to human beings, most don’t realize until it gets affected. Today, the world has adopted lens/specs as an alternative to healthier eyes but not a solution. A child, students wish to play and read without worrying about his/her specs, lenses. Students with the intention to crack competitive examinations demand to spend a lot of time studying through books, laptops and projectors in schools too, working culture at this time demands usage of mobile/laptop/PC for long hours if not physical activity.

ratnam jyoti front

100% Ayurvedic Product

Here we have brought to you natural 100% Ayurveda product “Ratnam Jyoti” with no preservatives & chemicals making it suitable for all with no side effects. Ratnam Jyoti health value is unparalleled, beside its benefits to improve eyesight also if used as directed would assure restore eye focus power without the lenses. It is ancient deep wisdom ayurveda & power of nature introduced among us by His Holiness Swami Kamleshwaranand Ji. Along with dominant medicinal value on improving eyesight, Ratnam Jyoti also rejuvenates the whole body and five senses which can be realized after undergoing exclusive Ratnam Jyoti Eye Care Course.

Join us in making India lens-free

Frequently asked Questions

Ratnam jyoti is in the powder finite mixture of herbs in powder form. It is NOT oil in form.

Ratnam Jyoti is eatable. Take 1gm of Ratnam Jyoti in palm add 1 gm of pure honey in it. Mix it and eat.

Ratnam Jyoti must be used early morning, recommended while the sun rises. Consume 1 gm Ratnam Jyoti mixed with 1 gm of Pure Honey on empty stomach. No food or drinks must be taken for half an hour after Ratnam Jyoti. As, most ayurvedic remedies, medicinal benefits are best while empty stomach.

Ratnam Jyoti is purely an ayurvedic composition. Hence as all of us are aware any ayurvedic medicinal benefits are seen slowly accordingly we have seen few will begin to realize improvement in the health of eyes within 35 to 40 days and significant improvement in eye focus can be seen as the course completes in 60 days.

No, we will offer a separate pack of Ratnam Jyoti for registered users. An as different person can have a different percentage of improvement. So, few may see just a 1-month Extention is enough to be lens-free then we will offer a single pack of Ratnam Jyoti to the registered address.

Yes, one needs to take Ratnam Jyoti each and every day for 90 days without missing for its benefits. The gap in between is not beneficial. As it will take only 5 seconds/day. So, this much dedication towards health at least is essential.

No, all first-time Registered will get only a pack of 3 because a single Ratnam Jyoti will be finished in 30 days and won’t give any significant results. And our intention is to make your lens-free by Natures medicines i.e., Ayurveda.

Yes, After registration we will be making you available

  • unique and simple Yogic process which increases the benefit percentage for eyes.
  • Ayurveda and Sanskrit, Mantra is science almost connected to each other. His holiness Gurudev Swami Kamleshwaranand Ji will be also offering a Mantra Practice, anyone interested can also adopt it as it has very deep benefits.
  • We are in a process of providing weekly Yoga Sessions for registered users free of cost digitally in the future. We will update once launched.

Yes, you can get a refund of Rs 1500*. But below are a few points to be noted:

  1. This offer is only till 30th March 2022. As we are not sure who is consuming regularly and have no proof. But we believe in you and want to assure you that Ratnam Jyoti is really one of the Ayurvedic gifts for billions of people having eye issues.
  2. After registration, you need to send us an Eye test copy by mail at service@divyariahipharmacy.in before beginning the course and an eye test copy after 90 days too.
  3. Request to not give any gap between the course and follow the guidance of like consuming Ratnam Jyoti early morning, in empty stomach, not to drink or eat for 30 min after using Ratnam Jyoti.

Because we are not sure who is consuming hence refund amount is only 1500 Rs but we are working over a process where we will be assuring complete refund.

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